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17 Mar 2022

…and time rolls on…

It’s 5 in the morning, and I should have been asleep for multiple hours by now (or at least that is the assumption, based on how “normal” people sleep. So I’ve heard). I’m going to fight the urge to turn this section into a diary, and just give y’all the CliffNotes version: Due to a

09 Feb 2019

Forget One Thing Album – “Mindloop”

After months of work rehearsing and arranging and etc, etc, etc… My cohorts and I in F1T put together a collection of original music for your rocking enjoyment. Laser etched into a delicate coating on the surface of a polycarbonate disc, or available for download as zeroes and ones from the interwebs, Mindloop is now

17 Mar 2014

The last four days…

…have been a whirlwind deluge of musical excitement. Friday evening was the Spring Concert for the Willamette Christian School . I played with the accompanying band, while the kids took turns, by grade, singing some fun kids songs, and some worship tunes. There were a few skits, and the school’s band played a short set as well.

04 Jun 2013
Neil Thurston