Forget One Thing

Hailing from the cold northwest town of Eugene,Oregon comes Forget One Thing. Blending elements of rock, indie, acoustic, hip hop, and just about anything else listed as a genre of music. Drawing influence from such artists as: The Beatles, Sigur Ros, Cat Stevens, and Radiohead. Taking an “anything goes” format the band officially started in June of 2011. Singer and guitarist Michael McCarthy set himself a goal the year before to have an album of his own. Armed with a batch of songs, McCathy enlisted the help of producer Ryan Kojan (Mel B, Flo Rida, Vanaprasta). What started as a simple project turned into a full on experience. The duo started recording for almost 6 months non stop, and what came of that was an EP entitled The Breeze. A collection of 8 songs that is a listening experience. The Breeze (2011) is more than an album, it’s a journey through the human story. Songs such as Profile Picture, a straight ahead rock track but with a few surprises. Do You Dabble, a dreamlike journey about life. Rescue Me, a true story of love and loss… Their second recording, Mindloop was released in 2014.

Neil Thurston